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Climate Ride 2015


You have to be crazy to believe the planet isn't rapidly changing due to the influence of humans on the planet. Having become more and more active in the movement to help foster resiliency with climate marches/protests, work goals, and life choices my goal for 2015 is to use these experiences and do something larger for the communities which I belong. 


I've found a way to not only further empower these communities but to raise awareness that a human powered lifestyle can promote both a healthy life and a healthy planet. The Climate Ride, consisting of 325 miles along the east coast in 5 days, is the challenge I've committed to crushing. Having completed an extensive 350 mile ride from Pittsburgh to DC ride this past October in 5 days of pouring rain you can be rest assured I will accept your backing and offer that it's equal in stoke to the communities I'll ride through.


So why biking? Why encourage people to get out in nature? Well in my eyes if people start to take to the natural world they will start to respect it more and also begin to protect because it starts to hold meaning to them. If you, your neighbor, and everyone could establish a connection with all the natural places which they personally love we can start to cover a lot of ground. When the time comes that those places are threatened people will start to personally care for what is theirs. Whether it's your bike lanes, national parks, your personal haven in the world, smells, sights, or sounds you are interacting with the natural world - all are experiences that we need more of. Together we can help foster cleaner communities and help the larger whole of our planet.


My ride is about those biking on new Rails to Trails that are being created. Those that get to smell the sweet fresh air longer because of the work is doing for greenhouse gases, those that I hope will be inspired after seeing 100 people riding through their town on bikes not cars and those that will see the challenge the Climate Riders are taking on to make a difference realizing that he/she could get involved too - ultimately sparking the next fuse for their own community. 


I ask you to donate whatever you are able or believe is necessary. I guarantee I will bring the stoke. You can make an online donation by clicking on the 'donate now' button. 






Jon Bowen

Raising money for charities Rails to Trails and while committing to crush a 325 mile bike tour from Bar Harbor Maine to Boston Massachusetts. 

To promote an active human powered lifestyle that will empower people to care more about the rapidly changing planet

Individual goal of $2800 or more by September 2015. Team goal of $20,000 for AGU - See more here 


*your donations don't help fund the trip itself I will be getting myself to Maine and back on my own dime and camping throughout the actual ride. Your contributions will directly affect the organizations. 




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